Blood Moon

If you were awake early enough this morning (4:15 am for me, thanks Briane), lucky enough not to be blanketed in cloud cover, and looking to the western sky, you would have seen the moon cast in a reddish hue, a.k.a. The Blood Moon. Yes, it sounds haunting and gruesome, but it's actually the Earth's shadow being cast upon the surface of the moon, or a Lunar Eclipse. The scientifically proven reason the moon appears red is because sunlight must pass through a long and dense layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, where it is scattered. Shorter wavelengths (violets and blues) are more likely to be scattered, and by the time the light has passed through the atmosphere, the longer wavelengths (oranges and reds) dominate.

Not too long ago, some cultures, like the Mayans and Chinese, believed that the moon was being swallowed by a mythical creature or animal. Some just believed it to be the sign of a terrible omen like a plague, or a famine, or the fall of Constantinople. Yet, to this day, some still believe this to be a sign the world is coming to an end, if you don't believe me just Google "Blood Moon Prophecy"... actually don't... I'd hate to know I'm partially responsible for contributing to the spread of such foolish nonsense. Any way you look at it, the result is pretty freaking cool ...I love science.