Playing With Fire

If you knew me as an adolescent, chances are pretty good you knew I liked to set things on fire. Nothing serious or harmful, just your garden variety fire crackers, bonfires, and my older sister's Barbie dolls. Basically, anything that would make me and my buddies shout "holy sh*t!" without the risk of being grounded for the summer. As I grew up I became aware that all boys share this same pyro-desire, and as an adult I have come to the realization that there is a small part inside every man that will still get excited over the notion of lighting a bottle-rocket off.

So this summer when my three close friends and I were left unsupervised, we decided to combine our childhood love affair with fire and our adult passion for photography. The results: two shirts with burn holes, a mostly drank 12 pack of craft beer, one singed hand, and a few tasty pictures. Enjoy!